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Facial & Body Waxing in Boca Raton

Say goodbye to unwanted hair and experience the difference of professional waxing in Boca Raton!

Waxing for the face and body in Boca Raton

Whether it’s in the legs, arms, chest, underarms, or private areas, unwanted hair can sometimes be the bane of our existence. Aside from being unsanitary, it can also be disgusting. If you’re suffering from unwanted hair, no worries. That’s what we’re here for.

At the Pearl Med Spa, we offer the best professional waxing services in Boca Raton. Our experienced technicians use the latest techniques to gently remove unwanted hair, leaving your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

All of our massage services are also conducted in a clean, comfortable, and private environment. We also offer a wide range of waxing treatments to suit your every need. With these, you’ll no doubt have the best waxing experience of your life.

Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering experience. Book your appointment today and say goodbye to razor burn and ingrown hairs!

Enjoy a Luxurious Waxing Experience in Boca Raton

We offer a wide range of waxing treatments to suit your exact needs.

Bikini Line Wax

Tired of shaving your bikini line? We got you covered. We understand that bikini line waxing can be intimidating, which is why we take great care to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the process. Our professional waxing service will leave you feeling confident and ready to hit the beach in no time.

Full Bikini Wax

Get ready to experience the ultimate in hair removal with a full bikini wax! Our professional estheticians use the latest techniques to remove hair from all areas of your bikini zone, leaving you with a perfectly smooth and flawless finish. Our experts are trained to provide a quick, comfortable, and hygienic service, so you can relax and enjoy the results.

European Wax

Experience the smoothest skin of your life with our European wax. Our expert estheticians use high-quality, low-temperature wax to provide a quick, comfortable, effective, and virtually painless hair removal experience. 

Brazilian Wax

Getting rid of unwanted hair in your most sensitive areas can be tricky. No worries. Our experienced estheticians use gentle yet effective techniques to remove all hair from the front and back of your bikini area, leaving you with a perfectly smooth and flawless finish.

Full Leg Wax

Ready to show off silky-smooth legs? Our full leg waxing service is just what you need! Our professional estheticians use the latest techniques to remove hair from your entire legs as effectively and comfortably as possible. You’ll never have to worry about stubble, razor burn, or ingrown hairs on your legs again. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily shaving and hello to the confidence of having gorgeous, hair-free legs.

How Does Waxing Work?

As the name suggests, waxing is a cosmetic treatment that uses resin-based wax to remove hair from the roots. It can be performed on various areas of the body, including the legs, arms, underarms, back, chest, and face.

Depending on your preference, the wax can either be warm or cold. It is spread over the skin in the direction of hair growth. Then a strip of cloth or paper is placed over the wax and quickly pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth. Doing this also pulls the hair out from the root.

This process is repeated until the desired area is free of hair. The hair typically takes several weeks to grow back. Over time, repeated waxing can result in finer and less dense hair growth.

Benefits of Waxing

Not sure if you should get a wax? Here are some of the most compelling reasons why you should:

finer hair regrowth

reduced hair growth

no more shaving cuts

less ingrown hairs


save time and money on shaving

no shaving rash

less risk of itching

it becomes less painful over time

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